About Us

Gabbert & Edwards Construction LLC is a company that strives to safely, efficiently, and economically design, construct, and manage all projects large or small for our clients.

What sets us apart from our competition is our ability to build a solution for each customer and adapt to changes as needed until the customer is completely satisfied with the end product.

We work through all aspects of the construction industry with a specialization in the areas of excavation, underground utilities, roadways and site work for a wide range of project sizes in both residential and commercial industry. We pride ourselves on making it our goal to provide the most complete, safe and economically sound service possible and by making your site development a “one stop” call with us.

Management of the business is a collaborative effort that includes everyone from the owners and managers, foreman and office personnel. With this open communication network and the desire to achieve the highest quality product we are able to share information rapidly and improve the efficiency of the team. This in turn directly affects the customer giving them a job done with fewer mistakes and better end result.

Gabbert & Edwards Construction has implemented the use of Trimble Global Positioning Systems and Trimble Business Center as a way to be more efficient which in turn is passed on as savings to the customer. Having on the ground point accuracy and automated machine controls used in conjunction with Trimble Business Design Center lets customers know that the design they want will be the finished product they receive. This technology allows us to work hand in hand with designers, engineers and surveyors to keep projects running on time and on budget.

Keeping safety, efficiency and cost in mind will always produce a quality product. No matter if your project is large or small, private or commercial, or agricultural to oil field, we will work efficiently and with integrity to produce a superior product at an economically sound price.